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A teifling conjures forth a burst of light, a gnome gives sends visions of the world to come, a dwarf gives thanks to it's own continued existence. 

These are the clerics of creation and destruction, Genesis and Apocalypse. Both fundamental forces of the landscape these two book end all that ever was and all that ever will be. 

A Genesis cleric gives thanks to the gods for shaping their world or their own race. They are dedicated to renewing and preserving these creations by healing their allies and summoning guardian celestials to protect them.

An Apocalypse cleric may be praying to stave off the end or have it come. But they have glimpsed the end and can bring it to life in the space surrounding them, readying their allies for all possible outcomes while they slowly drain their enemies. 


Clerics of Creation - The Homebrewery-itch.pdf 5 MB

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Download the pdf and get your DM's approval to play one in your game! 

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